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Monday Electives

Robotics, Theatre, Creative Arts, Mad Skills, Financial Literacy, and much more.

Elective class descriptions for Middle and High School


Adulting - Domestic Science

  • This class will focus on the following important life skills.

    • Basic cooking and sewing skills

    • Meal planning on a budget

    • Dining etiquette

    • Basic car and home maintenance 

    • Writing and sending letters through the mail (not digitally)

    • Filling out applications

    • Basic first aid


Robotics team - through KY First Robotics. 

  • First Lego League: 

    • Ages 4-16 | Grades PreK-8 : 

    • Students engage in hands-on STEM experiences, building habits of learning, confidence, and teamwork skills along the way.


  • First Tech Challenge:

    • Ages 12-18 | Grades 7-12

    • Teams design, build, and program robots, develop strategy, and engage in thrilling, head-to-head competition.


Logic and Philosophy:

  • A detailed study of the rules of valid judging and reasoning, both deductive and inductive and from both the traditional and symbolic point of view. Philosophy encourages critical thinking about fundamental problems that concern existence, knowledge and value. Philosophical works will be read, discussed and evaluated. 


Digital Production

  • This course will cover the equipment and techniques for shooting, editing and distributing digital content. Students will gain hands-on experience exploring news, dramatic and documentary style productions. Through these storytelling styles the course covers planning, lighting and sound, shooting, editing and exporting files for distribution. 

Film Appreciation

  • This class will introduce students to the film industry and history of cinema through the study of classic films with exposure to a wide variety of styles and genres.  


Art: Types of Art, Genres and Movements

  • Students will study various art movements then create art in those styles.


Fitness and Strength Training:

  • Students will learn the importance of understanding how different types of exercise build up or break down our bodies differently, and the many different ways for them to get what they want from exercise. They will cover the fitness components and different types of training. Students will then choose a fitness goal and develop a plan for the year to work out, get strong and fit. 


Financial Literacy/ Personal Finance

  • This course will be using the Next Gen Personal Finance curriculum, found online at The coursework will cover the following areas:

    • Using a Banking Account 

    • Types of Credit and Managing Credit

    • Budgeting

    • Paying for College 

    • Career Choices

    • Insurance - Health and Life

    • Investing & Retirement

    • Taxes


American Sign Language

  • Students will develop the skills and knowledge to communicate in ASL.

Elective class descriptions for Elementary


Creative Arts Music and Movement:

  • Students will be introduced to different areas of music: vocal, music theory, instruments, and music history along with dance. Our goal is to foster a love of music in our students.


Arts and Crafts:

  • Students will explore a variety of art and crafting techniques and mediums while creating seasonal projects. Connections will be made to literature, poems, artwork and song.


Brain Games: Mad Skills!

  • Students will play a variety of games to increase mental acuity, processing speed, and critical thinking skills utilizing spelling and math speed drills, poem memorization and multi-step directions to problem solving.


Elements of Art

  • Focus on line, shape, space, value, form, texture, and color. This educational and hands-on class will cover these elements and techniques through a variety of projects and mediums. 



  • A robust, conversational Spanish class 

    • Beginners Spanish K-2nd

    • Intermediate Spanish 3rd (those who have taken Spanish) - 8th

Fun in Nature: 

  • Students will spend time outside learning about the natural world -  its systems and cycles of living things. Kids should wear appropriate clothing and shoes for all kinds of weather.

Drama/ Theatre: 

  • Performance based class where students will build on basic acting skills then participate in a variety of drama activities culminating in a major production at the end of the year.

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