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Director & Founder

Dawnshelle Wold  

Dawnshelle Wold graduated from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN, in 1995, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. After a short career as a financial planning assistant in Minneapolis, she and her husband started a family, where she encountered the challenges of parenting three wonderful and educationally diverse children. To keep a similar schedule as her children, she became a Special Education Paraprofessional in the Anoka-Hennepin School District in Minnesota. It was there that she witnessed students of all abilities simply fall through the cracks, including her own children. Her family’s homeschool journey began.


Upon moving to Wilmore after her husband joined the faculty at Asbury University, Dawnshelle served as a teacher and later Assistant Director for Yellow Wood Success Academy - a hybrid homeschool, formerly in Lexington, from 2016 until May of 2020. When the director of Yellow Wood moved and closed the school, a few parents and teachers urged Dawnshelle to venture forward and fill the void. In her experience, she realized that not everyone learns the same, and not everyone teaches the same. Everyone is unique. So, she chose to create a different type of school; an eclectic micro school where foundational skills would be mastered using a variety of teaching methods, including project-based learning, classical, traditional lecture, and Socratic seminar – all while encouraging community and creativity. This is Wilmore Crossing Academy.

Degree: B.A. Psychology, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN

Teaching: Mad Skills

Favorite Food: Super-premium ice cream

Favorite Pastime: Riding roller coasters

Interesting Fact: I’ve jumped on top of the Metrodome in Minneapolis.

WCA Teacher Portraits-6224_Cindy Milum.jpg
Cindy Millum

Degree: B.A. in Music Education, Texas State University

              M.A. Education w/reading focus, Texas State University

Teaching: Director or Curriculum, Lead Primary teacher

Favorite Food: Italian food

Favorite Pastime: Gardening

Interesting Fact: I have lived in seven different states in nine different cities.

WCA Teacher Portraits-6297_Monica Klepac.jpg
Monica klepac

Degree: B.A. Elementary Education, Asbury College

              M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language, Asbury University

Teaching: Lead Intermediate teacher

Favorite Food: Chicken tikka masala

Favorite Pastime: Sewing, quilting, embroidery

Interesting Fact: My family lived in Romania for 8 years.  Vorbesc Romaneste foarte bine.  

WCA Teacher Portraits-6273_Logan 2.jpg
Trevor Logan

Degree: B.A., Philosophy, Asbury University 

              M.A., Philosophy, Literature and Theology, University of Nottingham, England

Teaching: M.S. & H.S. Writing & Literature, Philosophy/ Logic

Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate

Favorite Pastime: Watching old films (especially the Criterion Collection)

Interesting Fact: My mom accidentally ran over me with a car when I was 2 years old. I survived.

WCA Teacher Portraits-6349_Rebekah Nutter.jpg
Rebekah nutter

Degree: BA in Asian Studies - Cornell University.  Graduate coursework in education- San Francisco State University

Teaching: Spanish

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Pastime: Cooking or reading

Interesting Fact: I served in the U.S. Peace Corps from 1992-1995

WCA Teacher Portraits-6572_Kristie Tomlian (1).jpg
Kristie Tomlian

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in  Education P-5/5-9 with concentration in math and English, Midway University

Teaching: Lead Middle School, Math & Electives teacher

Favorite Food: Mexican Food

Favorite Pastime: Spending time with my children, cozy mysteries and crochet

Interesting Fact: I can do many home and vehicle repairs including plumbing, appliances and some woodworking. 

Emily K.jpg
Emily Kennedy

Degree: A.S. Health Studies, B.A. Early Childhood Development & Education

Teaching: Lead History / Social Studies 

Favorite Food: Anything from the Farmer's Market!

Favorite Pastime: Being outside - hiking, camping, kayaking etc....

Interesting Fact: Attended H.S. in 3 different countries.

Untitled_Artwork 104.png


Teaching: Writing & Literature  

Favorite Food: 

Favorite Pastime: 

Interesting Fact: 

WCA Teacher Portraits-6222_Hayley Moody.jpg
Haylee Moody


Teaching: Assistant K-2nd

Favorite Food: 

Favorite Pastime:

Interesting Fact:

WCA Teacher Portraits-6590_Krista Odago.jpg
Krista Meadows-Odago

Degree: B.A. Theatre and Spanish, M.A. Social Work, LCSW

Teaching: Drama/ Theatre Design, & Adulting/ Life Skills

Favorite Food: Indian and Mexican food

Favorite Pastime: Hiking, camping and spending time with my kids.

Interesting Fact: Traveled to 10 different countries.

WCA Teacher Portraits-6322_Piston.jpg
Jim Piston


Teaching: Drama/Theatre & Electives

Favorite Food: 

Favorite Pastime: 

Interesting Fact: 

WCA Teacher Portraits-6295_Couch.jpg
Joanne Couch

Teaching: Elective teacher

Favorite Food: 

Favorite Pastime: 

Interesting Fact: 

Untitled_Artwork 104.png


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